Ed Elliott: President of Word of Life World Outreach, Pastor and Vagabond Evangelist, spoke on the love of God as we have never heard before.

The God of the New Testament revealed in the Old Testament as types and shadows of the new.

Abraham (type and shadow of God the Father) sent His Servant (type and shadow of the Holy Spirit) to find a Bride (type and shadow of the Body of Christ) for Isaac (type and shadow of Jesus our Lord). The Bride to be is free to choose whether she wants to come with the servant just as free as we are to choose to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit and make Jesus Lord of our lives. The “Servant” brought gifts that the “Father” has sent, if she chooses to follow him back to his Lord to be His Bride.

If we choose to become the Body of or Lord Jesus Christ, the gifts of the Holy Spirit is ours to live life victorious in Him!