Raised in Gauteng, we were high school sweethearts and married in 1992.  In 1998 God directed our steps from Gauteng to Heidelberg, Western Cape.  The desire to impact nations has always been part of our hearts.  In 2009 the Lord opened the door for me (Bets) to become part of the newly established Andrew Wommack Ministries office. Andrew Wommack held a very successful Gospel Truth Seminar in Heidelberg, WC in June 2009 and during this seminar many people requested a Charis Bible College in SA.    Carlynne Kotze became the Director for Charis Bible College, Heidelberg and invited me to be part of the team.  We were blessed to start with 12 students.

With me as Administrator and Deon as student in 2011, the journey became exciting.  We felt the call of God on our lives and the Holy Spirit began to equip and train us as leaders.  Both of us completed our studies and internship with Charis Bible College, Heidelberg, WC.

The next step we took was to facilitate the Hybrid programme in Sedgefield.  This is such a wonderful blessing.  This program allows for career / family obligations to be fulfilled whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the Word and growing in relationship with the Lord.

CHARIS is perfect for the individual who knows there’s more to life and wants to discover God’s purpose and plan.  We are privileged to create an environment where the Holy Spirit can train and equip men and women of God.

The message of God’s unconditional love and grace will set captives free and heal broken hearts.   Our desire is to declare victory in Christ!

Galatians 2:20 is one of our foundational scriptures:  “I have been crucified with Christ (In Him, I have shared His crucifixion); it is no longer I who live, but Christ (the Messiah) lives in me; and the life I now live in the body I live by faith in (by adherence to and reliance on and complete trust in) the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

Bets Janse van Rensburg – Director Charis Bible College, Heidelberg, WC, SA

One can learn about leadership theoretically for only so long, which was the first and second year for me. Going out and doing it is a very important part of learning how to be a good leader.

In third year I am having that exact opportunity. I’ve been given the portfolio of leading the worship team this year. Physically practicing how to lead this small group exposed me to real life things that I will come across as a leader later on in my life. Also, if I do make any mistakes here as a third year leader in training, the consequences of these mistakes are much smaller than if I would do them later on in ministry.

Along with the practical part, we still get great teachings about leadership and finance. I personally am learning so many things about finances and I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learnt and am still going to learn.

I recommend third year to any CBC student who has graduated from first and second year. It is not always pleasant to get an attitude renovation towards people, where necessary, but it’s worth “Resisting Your Flesh” because you will have to learn it one way or another.

Hanjo Baas

I moved to Heidelberg, a small little town in the Western Cape, to slow down from the busyness of city life and focus on Jesus.

What an awesome experience it’s been so far! The 3rd year has been so much more than I have hoped for, the balance between receiving classes on Business, Leadership and Ministry along with helping leadership run the college has been so good. I never thought I’d enjoy learning about business as much as I’ve been. With world class instructors, my entire way of thinking has changed on Business and the corporate world, and how we as Christians can run a company or organization on Godly principles.

Many times people believe that when you come to college you have to become a minister, pastor or evangelist. It could not be further from the truth! We need Christians in every area of life, including business! So why not learn from the greatest businessman of all time? Jesus! He started the greatest organization in just 3 years that changed the course of history forever, and continues to! Third year has taught me how to be a leader!

I’m only 22 now and I never saw myself as a leader. Through the amazing teachings and instructions from World Class Ministers my heart has been enlarged. I’ve been taught how to be a leader in the place where I am now, but I have also been taught how to think bigger, dream bigger and trust God for bigger things in life! It makes me excited to know about all the things God has put inside of me, and how I can change people’s lives through Him and His principles!

I’ve discovered new things I love, hopes and desires while facilitating classes, ministering to the student body and arranging a mission trip. This would not have happened if I was just a student, but thanks to the amazing 3rd year program of practical training this was made possible!

Charis Bible College Heidelberg has been incredible and I would not have wanted to do it any different!

Heidi-Mari Lues

My first real encounter with God was when I joined the Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was easy for me to relate to God as “a power greater than myself”, since during the program the name of Jesus is not given the paramount importance, I later came to learn and believe what it was worth. I successfully overcame the scourge of alcoholism in my life, through the Twelve Step program of AA (Romans 5: 8-10).

This was the closest I had ever come to understanding the Grace of God. You see things were working so smoothly in my life as I was beginning to see success in my life. I had arrived, I thought. Then I got born-again in April of 2006, after a friend approached me about giving my life over to Jesus. I saw this as an opportunity to safeguard my after-life while I could continue living carnally in this world. Also I thought that was exactly the thing I needed in order for God to reward me with even more success and prosperity. Needless to say, it took just under a year before I lost everything in my life. My family, my job, my cars, and finally my house. You see I was doing the Word through my flesh, I have since learnt. My wilderness days began, but I kept pressing on, trying to find out exactly how to work this new life of Faith that seemed to have brought me all this adversity.

Comes in Andrew Wommack, in 2008, through the Gospel Truth TV programs on God TV. I quickly discovered the missing link in my Christian life. GRACE. We are saved not by Faith only but by Grace through Faith (Ephesians 2: 8). I clung to the truths I was receiving from Andrew’s TV teachings like, “Spirit, Soul and Body”, “You’ve Already Got It”, “Grace: The Power of The Gospel”. In 2012, being down and out financially, I ventured into buying my first teaching from AWMSA, “Financial Stewardship” and everything started to change in my life. In one of his Gospel Truth TV teachings Andrew was teaching on “How to Find, Follow and Fulfill God’s Will. I immediately ordered the book and after reading it over and over I knew, that I knew, that I knew, that CBC was my next project. I enrolled on the Correspondence course in 2015, and came to know the most influential person in my life at that point. Bets Janse van Rensburg, the Administrator at CBC, Heidelberg.

Like many of us, I think I am always fascinated about how God in 2015 asked me to throw down my shepherd rod, as He turned it into a serpent and asked me to pick it up by the tail and the “Rod of Moses became the Rod of God”.

I duly completed the First year course at the end of 2016, and my mind was made up, I was going to CBC, Heidelberg to do the second year course. I enrolled for the second year at the beginning of 2017, and the provision followed (1 Kings 17: 2- 6). I am looking forward to graduating at the end of October 2017. Heidelberg is just an ideal location for a Bible College.

The year has just been awesome. I have many, many testimonies of what God, through the CBC program, is steadily but surely bringing restoration in my life. The teachings, the practicals (Street Outreaches, Prison Ministry), the encouragement from the staff, Carlyn Kotze (Director), Alfred Rademann (Dean of students), and Bets Janse van Rensburg (Administrator). What an inspiration our 3rd year students are to me. They make sure you are really, really getting it.

Well I bet you have guessed it that I am heading for Third year CBC, next year, just to round off this awesome course. God has inspired Andrew Wommack to bring into my life ( 2Timothy 2: 2). “Preparation time is never wasted time”

Ronnie Peters

Spring met mening uit jou rotwielletjie en kom vind innerlike vrede en vervulling in Heidelberg.

Is daar meer in die lewe as net ‘n dolle gejaag na wind?  Hoe meer jy het hoe meer wil jy hê en hoe minder tyd het jy om nog bymekaargeskraap te kry vir wie weet wat!  Miskien gee jy die pas aan in die mode- of sakewêreld, maar hoe meer jy bymekaarmaak, hoe meer ongelukkig en onvervuld voel jy.  Jou lewe spoed by jou verby en wanneer siekte of dood naby jou kom aanklop wonder jy of dit dan die lewe is?

Daar is lewe na die dood!  Hier in Heidelberg is vrede en vervulling in oorvloed. Hier is geen rotwielletjies te koop nie – net lang stiltes en uitgestrekte strande soos Witsand en Stilbaai, ‘n klipgooi vêr.  Dit is ‘n dorpie met die beste-van-beste naamlik berg en see.  Barrydale is net om die draai van Heidelberg – ‘n ouwêreldse lekkerte aan die einde van een van die mooiste bergpasse.

Met die mooiste sonsopkomste in die berge word ons elke oggend daaraan herinner dat God se genade elke more nuut is!

Ek was so bevoorreg om vir ‘n 9 maande lange kurses te kon aansluit by CBC Heidelberg.  Dit voel soos ‘n 9 maande lange spa.  Jy kan elke oomblik van die jaar die natuurskoon indrink ongeag watter rigting jy inry.  Jy word versterk en gevoed na gees, siel en liggaam.  Die kurrikulum is in Engels, maar die praktiese deel van die kurses word in Afrikaans gedoen, aangesien die gemeenskap oorwegend Afrikaans is.

Dit is die veiligste dorp suid van die Sahara!  Baie motors word sommer deur die nag in die hoofstraat geparkeer sonder enige voorvalle van diefstal.  Dit is een van die min plekke waar mens nog laat in die aand in die dorpstrate kan stap sonder om onveilig te voel.

Wanneer jy jouself weer moet opsluit in jou eie trunk om net meer onveilig en onvervuld te voel, ontsnap na ‘n idilliese dorpie met die beste lering denkbaar.  CBC Heidelberg bied jou ‘n geleentheid van ‘n leeftyd om jouself te ontdek en rus jou toe om ‘n blywende verskil te maak in ‘n gebroke wêreld wat smag na die waarheid.

Santie Swanepoel

To get a deeper relationship with God was the main purpose for me when my family and I left Sweden to attend CBC in Heidelberg.

I really hoped that spending more time with God would help me to be led by Him.

God is amazing!  I’m so happy we ended up in Heidelberg. This place is awesome! Everything here contributes to fulfill our purpose with Bible College.

This small, safe, friendly town doesn’t have all the distractions that easily draw you away from spending time with the Lord.

Everything we need is so close; we can walk to church, school, cell group, outreach and friends.  My boys attend a good school next to the college.

Whenever we want, we can bike or hike the beautiful mountains or play rugby and soccer with friends.

I can really recommend CBC Heidelberg.

Jenny Stennerdahl

At the age of 5, one starts to understand the difference between right and wrong as well as good and bad. It was at this age, that my dad had explained what it meant to be a child of God and so I gave my heart to Jesus.

I am happy to say that I am truly blessed with amazing parents and 2 sisters of God that love me dearly and would go to the ends of the earth for me. I could not have asked for a better family.

My school career started at the age of 7. Primary school was not the best years of my life. Academically I was doing really well but when it came to a social life, I seemed to have been this kid that all the cool guys bullied, teased and picked on. I’d ask myself over and over “what is wrong with me?” At the same time I’d be in church every week as my relationship with God grew.

Time for high school came; my relationship with God was good until I turned 15. It was at this age that I made the decision to live life my way, I was sick of not fitting in and I needed to make a name for myself. I started making friends with the wrong crowds, trying to gain recognition from the people around me. Soon I realized that to be cool, I needed to drink and smoke and addiction crept its way into my life.

It was working, people finally started noticing me. The more I dived into a life of partying and getting drunk, the more my relationship with God was being crippled. I tried to find my identity in girls and was left broken every time. Depression took hold of me and soon there was no more God in my life.

I was 17, when I found the next best thing. Drugs. I thought things couldn’t get better. I’m the cool guy, I drink, smoke, have sex and get high, I felt like I finally had the respect I deserved from the people around me.

I completed high school only by the grace of God. At 18, I got addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. Depression grew stronger, the pain in my heart was unbearable as my relationship with my family was almost non-existent and I felt like it could never be fixed.

At the age of 23, my life was in such a rut, it was like being trapped in the ocean, not knowing what was up or down. In the end, being the cool guy was just not so cool anymore. Where did I go wrong? Why is this happening to me? Did I do something to deserve this? The enemy threw all these questions at me, making me feel alone, as if I was in a dark hole and couldn’t get out. Locked up in jail, broke in spirit, physically a disaster and with no friends to be found anywhere. Soon to realize the world got me nowhere but feeling like this, yet again unnoticed – a life of deception.

It was when I hit the lowest time of my life when I fell on my face at the feet of Jesus, crying my eyes out, telling Him that I cannot do it on my own. I needed Him back in my life and that I couldn’t go on this way, I did not want to feel like this anymore. It was at that moment that I felt the Holy Spirit fall upon me, I could feel something within my spirit get stirred up. It was as if a flame got lit and I could finally see light at the end of the tunnel. While I was face down on the floor, God gave me a vision – I saw myself as a giant in shining armour. At that moment, God told me that I had been given new armour and that the enemy sees me as a giant not as one that was small and ineffective. He said that He forgave my sins long ago and that He holds nothing against me.

Jesus had always been pursuing me, I just needed to open my eyes and take His hand. The calling on my life became more real to me. I’ve been told that I will go to nations, I will see the seven seas and cross all the deserts of the earth. I will be going to the darkest parts of the world and bringing down the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

What am I doing now? I am glad and honored to say that I am part of Charis Bible College. This is boot camp for me, the place of training and preparation. It has only been 6 months and my life has taken a 180° turn towards Jesus. I’m learning to renew my mind to the mind of Christ. I’ve learned that the love God has for me is unconditional, that He will always be faithful. My faith is growing rapidly. I’ve also learned that a rich man is not one with money, but one that knows how to work with what he has. Charis Bible College has been a big part of my spiritual awakening.

Today I can say that I am a complete new creation in Christ that my past is gone and the new has begun. Christ is the cornerstone of my life. I’ve been injected with the Spirit of God and today I’ve got the Holy Spirit running through my veins. I’ve got the love of Christ in my heart and I know for sure that there is nothing that this world can offer me that Christ can’t and hasn’t already given me. I don’t know how I’m going to fulfill my calling, but I know that I’m in the Father’s will and that it is His ministry and not my own.

I know that I will be seeing nations turn from ashes to beauty with me being God’s vessel. I will see the broken-hearted restored, I will proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prisons to those that are bound. I will become the general in the army of God that I’m destined to be. I know now that nothing formed against me shall prosper, for my identity is in Christ and not in man.

All honor and glory to Christ Jesus Who was and is and is to come!

Jonathan Greenhalgh

Paul Godawa van Pole, het in die openingsweek hierdie jaar die belangrikheid van jou omgewing vir geestelike groei beklemtoon. Jou omgewing waar jy lering ontvang in die Woord is net so belangrik soos “goeie grond” vir die saad van die Woord, vir jou as mens om die regte vrugte te dra .

Waarom Heidelberg in die Wes Kaap kies vir hierdie opleiding? Omdat Heidelberg- Kampus, die eerste Charis Bible College in Suid Afrika was, kry jy te doen met gevestigde strukture en leierskap. Die dorp Heidelberg aan die voet van die Langeberge leen hom so uitstekend daartoe om jouself intens toe te spits op dit waarvoor God jou geroep het. Afgesonder van die stad se lawaai in ‘n veilige plattelandse gemeenskap met bekostigbare verblyf (as jy gou spring.)

Afrikaans-sprekende studente kry geleentheid om in hulle moedertaal te bedien. Tweede jaar studente van die Kollege kry die geleentheid  om weekliks hulle bediening uit te leef in die Oos Dorp, Riversdale Hospitaal en Swellendam gevangenis.

Kom herontdek jouself en rus jou self toe met die nodige kennis by Charis Bible College se kampus in Heidelberg.  Heidelberg is op die N2 naby die pragtige Witsand en die monding van die Brede Rivier geleë,  en is net so oor ‘n uur se ry weg van die groot winkelsentrums van Mosselbaai en ook die George lughawe.

Jan Kruger

Hi, I’m Len. I was born-again at about 13 and gave my life completely to God’s service at 16.

Once I became a “living sacrifice” at 16, God put a dream in my heart and showed me what He wants to do with my life. Of course, that led to persecution from friends and family, but now I’m even more determined to fulfill God’s plan for my life. God has led me step by step to prepare me for that dream, and He led me to Charis Bible College.

I’ve always loved the Word of God, but now, being under the Word the whole time, I’m loving it even more! The Bible says that signs and wonders will follow those who believe, and even though I’m only 20, I’ve used the authority that God gave me to heal not only my body, but others as well. I credit all of these things to God, and being under His Word helped me exercise my faith.
More importantly, my relationship with God has grown even more as I daily sit under the Word of God at CBC. Len has completed his two year diploma course and is currently involved in youth ministry in Heidelberg and surrounding areas. He is also busy with an Afrikaans Word school in Heidelberg – WC.

Dankie Jesus! Amen

Len Burger

For 25 years I was on an emotional rollercoaster. In March 1989 the party stopped dead. I was at the crossroads of my life with no destination and no identity. I was totally lost. Through a friend I got reborn, became interested in mission work in Mozambique and Lesotho, but dissatisfaction and frustration set in again, Big time.

There had to be more to Christian life than what I was taught. I left and disillusionment kept following me in whatever I tried. My body was present but my spirit longed for something else. I did not know what.

For 10 years I did not attend church, but held onto my Bible. In July 2009 I was invited to come along to a Gospel Truth Seminar by Andrew Wommack here in Heidelberg (Cape) Somehow I knew that he had what I was looking for. I listened for 7 months afterward non-stop to his teachings. Consequently, something inside me changed. No preacher, teacher or evangelist could keep my attention for 2 – 3 hours at a stretch. I soaked it all up like a dry sponge. I could not get enough of this guy’s teachings. Charis Bible College opened and someone paid my fees for the first year. I had no excuse not to go.

A week before college started on my way back from Riversdale about midday, I was thinking / dreaming about Andrew and his ministry. I saw in a vision of how he stepped off a cowboy movie set with John Wayne in the main part. These cowboys never seem to miss. “Wham Bang – lights out” That is how I saw Andrew. Granted he didn’t shoot with bullets but he sure knows how to shoot straight with words, from the hip, dead centre each time. “I like your style buster” “Lord, how does he do it?” I asked “Just practice won’t achieve this, like the cowboys do in the movies!” With this everything around me turned strangely dim and black, unreal.

The car was driving on autopilot. Suddenly I saw two hands appear in the sky above and out of each, a beam of strong light, shining at an angle down to earth. Where they crossed, just above the road ahead I saw Andrew, but he acted like a mirror. The light he received from above, he reflected on the road ahead of me, clear to see. No missing the road again, this time. With that the vision faded and the car was still on autopilot. Slowly I returned to normal and took over the control. I do not know who drove the car for about 10km, but I was still in the left lane, quite safe.
I know that Charis Bible College was meant for me. I had found what I was looking for. I attend classes daily with the other students and I am glad to say, I am enjoying every minute of it and I have no intention of leaving.

Harm Schwarting

In 2010 I was awakened to a burning desire in me to know more about God’s Word, more specifically how to walk in healing. The only way to do this was to enroll at CBC.

The realization kicked in, how am I going to pay for the college fees and accommodation, as I had to relocate from Still Bay to Heidelberg. By faith I went and looked for accommodation, hoping I would not be asked for a bank statement or salary slip as I had not worked in approximately 8 years due to chronic health setbacks (this is a story for another time).

I found a beautiful cottage and committed to it, still not knowing how I was going to pay. God’s hand was definitely in this deal as there was no contract, and no asking for proof of payment.

I remember saying to God, I don’t know how I’m going to pay for all of this, but if You want me at college, I believe You will make a way for me.

On 28 December 2010 I received an anonymous “love letter” in my post box committing to pay for my accommodation for a year! The letter stated that a specific cash amount will be delivered to me on the 28th of every month. It is still a mystery to me who the generous donor is. In the beginning of the year I received notification and confirmation from loving, generous sponsors who were willing to pay my college fees! How awesome is God!

Clearly, Bible College is where I had to be. In this, God has taught me to look to Him as my provider. In saying that, I am also very thankful to my sponsors who had hearing ears. “God my provider” is no longer just words to me, it has become a reality!

What seems impossible for man is possible for God! I have now seen and tasted that God is good, and now there is no stopping me, I look forward to growing in the Lord and learning to walk in faith.

Yolande Price