Ever wonder how other people get themselves into the messes they are in? What about you? Ever wonder why you keep getting into these difficult situations?

I want to offer the possibility that it might be because of our self focused decisions that have lead us here. It may sound harsh but think about it. When was the last time you were in an argument or upset?  Were your actions selfless love for the other person? From experience I am guessing probably not.

The fact is we all have our wants, likes, etc. However so does everyone else. For any relationship to work we have to be willing to go that extra mile for someone else. So why not try?

The truth is it is difficult to put others first, in some areas its easy and even a pleasure, but in others it is actually really difficult sometimes even painful. Letting someone have their choice of a movie might be an easy thing to choose in love, but giving grace to a spouse that is under pressure at work and forgets an anniversary, not quite easy.

Why? Why is it harder to love them? I believe the reason is because it hurts more when our spouse forgets our anniversary than when they choose a movie.

So really we are battling ourselves not them. Yes they may have messed up and really hurt us but we have a choice. To love them. And Christ Himself saw to it that you have the Spirit in you that is able to love anyone, anytime, anywhere.

So today and the rest of the week be aware that God has enabled you to love every difficult person, even those closest to us and give grace to everyone that hurt you. Choose love today. And remember that the only thing stopping you from loving that person is your own self hurt.

Make the decision to love the other person and I guarantee that your relationships will be so much healthier and stronger as the Lord ministers His grace and mercy through you as you choose the selfless act of putting others first.

God’s Abundant Blessings,

Dayne Smith