Health is a need for everybody. People go to different institutions like hospitals to name but one, to receive healing from different conditions. Treatment is provided by medical professions trained in different specialities. Thank God for these professionals.

There is another way that people receive their healing direct from God. That is why the hospital ministry is being done. Jesus Christ who used to heal, is still healing today. The Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and forever. The same power that operated through Him is the same power that operate in believers today.

The recipient of this type of healing needs to understand that the healer is Jesus Christ through the believer, to the sick person. The faith of the recipient needs to be developed first for her or him to receive healing. Some people received their healing instantly, some received their healing gradually. We thank God for healing people through hospital ministry. The number of inpatients have reduced remarkably as compared to the number of inpatients when we started at the beginning of February 2018. We minister to the sick in hospital once a week.

We give God the glory and praise.

Sinah Baloyi