Our life is like a garden and what we sow into our garden will bring joy or pain.  So many of us are experiencing pain in our lives and the more we try to fix the garden of our lives, on our own, we create more pain.

To stop the cycle of pain and the bad fruit in our lives is to discover what is most important in our lives and focus and that.  To deal with the bad fruit problem is not trying to remove it as it will always come back, but to focus on the finished work of the cross.

Take hold of the truth, that we are accepted in Jesus, we are righteous through Him, we qualify for every promise God has made.  As we focus on the truth we begin to eliminate the source that is feeding the bad fruit.  We begin dealing with the root.  Most often this root or source of pain, confusion and loss is the result of judgment which we have made – assuming to know why a person did what they did and then we react in a way that is not based on reality.  Only God has the right to judge.  He knows why people do what they do.

Jesus taught in (Matthew 7:1-2) Do not judge, or you too will be judged and with the same measure you will be judged.  As we judge (Luke 6:38) says it will be given back to us in greater measure.  So we create for ourselves even more pain.

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written by:  Gaylyn Maree