In 2006, a few farmers from Heidelberg, South Africa came together for regular Bible studies when a Pastor decided he wanted a Bible College in Heidelberg. The Pastor gave the congregation freedom to decide which ministry to contact in order to make this happen. One of the farmers had already discovered Andrew Wommack’s teachings. They contacted the AWM UK office and soon began a weekly correspondence group. Charis Heidelberg was originally established in 2010.
After spending three decades as a physiotherapist in South Africa, Carlynne Kotze sensed the Lord prompting her to move to the U.K. At the age of 52, Carlynne obeyed and moved away from the country that was always home to her. She was scared and felt completely out of her comfort zone, but everything fell into place. She found a place to stay, transportation was taken care of, and she loved her new job at the hospital where she worked.

Wondering why God sent her to the UK, she one day came across a woman who spoke her native Afrikaans language. The woman gave her Andrew Wommack’s You’ve Already Got It! cassette tapes. Carlynne knew that this was why she had come to the UK!

From there, Carlynne began to attend some conferences in Walsall and she eventually enrolled in Charis Bible College Walsall. During her second year in Walsall, she was invited to go to Heidelberg, South Africa for her Missions trip where they met up with these same farmers. For her third year, she was able to lead the Missions trip to Heidelberg and she knew she would return some day.

Carlynne was eventually made Director of the Heidelberg location, and she was able to move back to the native country she loves. Currently, there are 3 staff members at the Heidelberg location – Carlynne, Charis Director; Bets Janse van Rensburg, Charis Administrator; and Alfred Rademan, Dean of Students. Although Carlynne’s journey has not always been easy, the Lord has made her path straight. She says that after 10 years, she is still enjoying the love, goodness, and blessings of the Lord. Today, she enjoys watching her students grow in boldness and in love and seeing the fruit of their labor in Christ.