Are you trying and striving to love God with all your heart, and find you are failing?

1 John 4:19 says we love Him because he fist loved us.

This verse we need to read the last part first “He first loved us”. That means while we were still sinners, before we could even do anything “good” God loved us. No matter what we have done God loves us just the way we are. His love for us is not based on what we can do for Him, but on what Christ has done for us. We cannot do anything to make him love us more. He already loves us, He demonstrated His love by allowing Jesus to die on the cross for us.

We don’t have to try and get Him to love us because He already loves us. When we know that we are already loved then we are able to love Him with the love He has given us. We simply take hold of His love right now, by faith.

If you have been trying and striving to love God, repent and just believe. He loves you! As you do this your love for Him will grow and so will your faith as faith always works by love.