This program includes instruction in Relationship with God, Basics of Righteousness, Receiving from God, Old Testament Survey, and many other classes that will give the student a solid biblical foundation. Emphasis will be on faith, grace, and walking with the Holy Ghost through the work of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Another aspect of the Bible Training Institute program is ‘practical ministries’. Academics are important, but those who are going into ministry must know how to do the work of the ministry. We strive for a balance between a knowledge of the scriptures and practical ministry experience.

A student enrolled in the Bible Training Institute program will be required to volunteer 15 hours per term to perform practical ministry in either their local church, CBC, or any approved ministry in the area. There are many opportunities to serve depending on one’s interests, talents, and available time.

Through the Bible Training Institute, a student will not only be prepared with a proper biblical understanding, but will be trained in practical application, to meet the needs of God’s people and to bring unbelievers into the Kingdom of God. At the satisfactory completion of this program, a student will receive a Certificate of Completion.

NOTE: This program must be completed before entering the second year program.