Everything God created was made for a purpose.  When He created Adam, he created a friend, one like himself, a spirit with the ability to choose.  Now God was allowing Adam to choose for himself, if he wanted God to be his friend, for friendship demanded is no friendship at all.

God had taken care of all Adams needs physically, emotionally and spiritually.  God had made his choice.  Adam and Eve chose to sin and walk away from the life of God and they  began to experience death, but God’s heart towards them never changed.  Sin drove them away from fellowship with Him.  Due to Adams sin we have all been born into sin, we have a sinful nature and in this condition we will not choose to be a friend of God.

Praise God for our Saviour Jesus!  Through Jesus we become born-again and we are given a brand new spirit, we are made friends of God, when we choose to receive Jesus as our Saviour.

That’s the grace of God, where we were far from Him, He made a plan to rescue us and through the work of the cross Jesus gives us spiritual life.  He gives us favour and every good thing that we don’t deserve, this is the goodness and kindness of God.

God allows you to choose.  He will never demand friendship, even though he loves you dearly.  If you are wanting to become a friend of God or to grow in your friendship with God contact Charis Bible College today.

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