Charis Bible College offers one-year and two-year, non-degreed programs.
The one-year program is the Bible Training Institute. The two-year program is the School of Practical Ministry.
Both programs are divided into four terms with a total of 30 weeks. Classes are in session from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Charis Bible College full time studies

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Charis Bible College correspondence course
Charis Bible College also offers a correspondence course.
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The One and Two year course
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Please see below an outline of the first year

The First year: Bible Training Institute Course

A. Fundamental classes:

These classes are videoed in Colorado at the CBC campus. They include in depth teachings on:
A Sure Foundation I & II
Basics of Righteousness I & II
Basic Bible Doctrines
Maturing into the Full Stature of Christ
Receiving from God
Relationship with God In these and other lessons, Andrew lays firm biblical foundations upon which to build your relationship with God and your future ministry.

B. Old Testament Survey:

A two term class that surveys all the books of the Old Testament:
Studying the author
Historical background
Purpose of the book
Historical events and the main characters Special Attention will be given to the types and shadows that point forward to Christ and the Church.

C. Holy Spirit I, II, & III :

This is an exciting class that discusses the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit. Not only will you learn how He has worked throughout history, but how He works in your life.

D. Additional courses by different Teachers:

The Love of God
The goodness of God
Faith and many more…