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You have complete access to our entire first-year Charis Bible College through our Online Program. The Online Program consists of approximately 39 courses. Each courses has eight lessons. The courses are only accessible online and the lesson files can be downloaded and utilized offline at your convenience.

View the Requirements for Completion of First-Year Program.

Step 1: Read

Each course comes with a lesson outline to accompany the video content. The outline is available as a Web page or as a PDF file.

Step 2: Watch

The main content of the course is found through viewing the video lesson. Each video is recorded live at the Charis Bible College campus in Colorado Springs. Videos are accessible through video streaming and MP3 audio download.
After completing the course content, students will be required to take an exam.

The exam can be posted, faxed 086 658 4930 or e-mail to

Once you finish the first-year program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. You are then eligible to apply for the second-year Practical Ministry Program at one of our Charis Bible College campuses. The hands-on nature of our second-year program requires students to attend one of CBC’s physical locations, day and night classes are available. This program cannot be offered online.

Self-Paced Courses

The eight lessons and exam for each course may be taken at your own pace. With Self-Paced courses, there are no facilitators or class interaction, so you may work as fast or as slowly as you like. We estimate each course will take approximately 12 hours to complete.

Correspondence & Online Programs

Completion Requirements

To complete the first-year in the Distance Learning (Correspondence and Online) Program, you must finish a total of 39 courses. Below is a link to the “Course Requirements List” showing the required courses. We encourage you to use this list to plan and track your progress towards completion. A course is considered complete only if you have received a final grade of 70% or better. If you are a CBC Online student, you can see what courses you have taken by logging into your account and looking in the “My Orders” section of the Profile page.

Some courses have suggested prerequisites. This includes series courses. For example, it is best to take Holy Spirit I before Holy Spirit II. Aside from such prerequisites, you are free to take whichever course you choose in any term that it is available.
Correspondence and Online courses have identical content and credit towards program completion. A student may take courses by Correspondence, Online, or a combination of both to complete the first-year program.

About Charis

Charis Bible College focuses exclusively on the Bible as our main textbook. This means when you become a student, you will learn about the Bible and your relationship with God more than ever before!

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