During our first visit to the Riversdale hospital, we were chatting to a man who was a diabetic.  We were just about to pray for him when a young girl who was peeking through the window requested we pray for her.  She had just recovered from a broken foot and after a long discussion, she decided to accept Christ Jesus as her Lord and Saviour!

– Chengetayi Mushonga (Second year student)


I have been to Kairos three times now, supporting and encouraging students that have certain needs, for instance, being caught up in domestic violence in homes or struggling academically.  Seeing their faces change when they hear what the Word says is amazing.   As relationship with the pupils is built, the more they trust you and the Word, getting to a place where they build a true relationship with God.

The other students see these students grow in wisdom and relationship that leads to freedom and they get drawn to it too.  So the cycle goes on, changing students lives, by sharing the goodness and love of God.

– Adele Sammons (Third year Intern student)

Prison Ministry

Upon every visit we do Discipleship Evangelism with the prisoners, which tells them that Salvation and righteousness are free gifts from God, that we can receive through faith in Jesus Christ.

On our third visit we gave the group an invitation to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour.  Five of the guys prayed with me and entered the Kingdom of light.  We continually remind them who they are in Christ and to keep their faith in God.

It is an awesome privilege to disciple these men and to bring the truth of the Gospel in to the prison!

–  Stefan Lombard (Second year Student)