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Mental Health

Mental Health   It seems painfully obvious that there is an epidemic of mental distress in our society. The pressures of the world can overwhelm the senses and captivate the thought life. Can we expect mental health in the world in which we live?   How can we define mental health? Perfect peace comes to […]

Are You Thirsty?

Are You Thirsty?   There is something about water that attracts us. The beauty of large bodies of still water, the sound of rushing water in a creek or brook, or the mesmerizing sight of the ocean’s waves as they run to the shore cause most of us to stop, gaze, listen and ponder.   […]

Who or what is leading you?

Who or what is leading you?   Did you know that you are being led? You may not be aware of it, but every moment of every day we are all being led. Who or what is leading us, and where are we going?   Consider these three options:   “For as many as are […]

What will you will?

What will you will?   One of the most remarkable aspects of God’s creation of man is that He made man in His own image. We are of the God kind. God’s will gave us a will. Without a will we would not be made in His image.   For it is God which works […]