What if I told you……

that if you are born again you have changed kingdoms?
that you are just as righteous as Jesus?
that your spirit is a new creation?
that you are seated with Him in heavenly places?
that you are filled with His Spirit?
that you are adopted into His family?
that His love was poured into your heart?
that you are called to reign in life?
that God wants to give you abundant life?
that He has given you every promise in order to escape the corruption of the world?
that you have the God kind of faith inside of you?
that you can hear God?
that you can see the unseen?
that you can pray believing and receive in His Name?
that you can submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee?
that as He is, so are you in this world?
that you have the keys to His Kingdom?
that He will freely give you all things?
that the gifts of His Spirit are for you to help others?
that healing is your covenant right?
that Job isn’t your example, Jesus is?

If you are born again and I told you all of this, it would simply be basic Christianity. It is the message of freedom from guilt and condemnation. It is the message of victory, joy, peace with God and love. It is a message that knows God is not schizophrenic, moody, mysterious or cruel. It is a message of the Father’s love for mankind and His provision for every need. It is the simple gospel.

Barry Bennett