Prison Ministry has really been incredible thus far.  I am in charge of running it this year.  A group of us go to a prison 40 km from Heidelberg every Wednesday for an hour.  We run a course called Discipleship Evangelism with a few small groups.  One of the 2nd year students and I lead one of these groups.

We have seen God do some amazing things.  They guys are being transformed right before our very eyes.  One of my favourite parts of each week is being greeted by their smiling faces, full of joy and contentment when we arrive.  It feels like we have become family.  Many have received salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit through this ministry.  Each member in our small group had a wonderful, life-changing experience with the Lord when they were baptised in the Holy spirit and started speaking in tongues.  For example, just a couple of weeks ago a newcomer wanted to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.  We laid hands on him.  He fell down under the power of the Holy spirit.  Later he started speaking in tongues.  This all happened in the prison courtyard.  There were inmates hanging out of windows and looking through bars, trying to get a glimpse of what was going on.  The following week you could see the change on this man’s face!

written by Peter Martin