Do you ever just feel like asking God what to do? Do you feel like God is not speaking? Are you frustrated?


I want to encourage you that at one time or another we have all been there. We have all struggled to discern  God’s voice. It is interesting to me that everyone knows it is important to hear Gods voice but how? How do we hear His voice?


If you are a believer I want to encourage you that you already hear His voice. The bible says “my sheep hear my voice” If you are a follower of Christ you hear His voice. So it is not a question of hearing His voice but discerning His voice.


If we look at the life of Samuel we can see that he heard the voice of the Lord but He did not discern it until Eli explained to Samuel that it was actually God speaking. Samuel heard Gods voice twice before He recognised it was God. I believe this is true for us also.


God is always speaking and we can see through the above scriptures that we are always hearing! However, we can also see that we are not always discerning!


How do we discern His voice?


There are a few foundational ways that I would like to share with you- in the hope that they would benefit and enable you to accurately discern His voice.


Number 1 is the word. The bible says that the written word is a more sure word of prophecy- basically meaning that the word is the highest authority in hearing God. The bible says He has elevated His word above His name! So if what your hearing does not line up or agree with the bible or biblical principles- You heard wrong. Pretty simple actually.


Number 2 is peace. The bible exalts us to let the peace of God rule our hearts- the word for rule is umpire. So let the peace be your umpire for what to do and what not to do. If you thinking you are hearing God spend some time seeing if you have peace about it? And make sure it is a heavenly peace not just a good idea! To sum it up let God call the shots in your life… literally!


Finally in or short list is number 3 and that is the inner voice. When God speaks to me it is often in my own voice. And because it is in my own voice it can often be tempting to just dismiss it and think “That’s just me.” But I would encourage you to when you get that random thought just to look at it in the light of His word and your peace. If it lines up with those then you are on the right track to make decisions that will be the right decisions.


There are more ways to confirm and hear His voice, however I want to encourage you that you do hear His voice and He wants to lead and guide you. Now all you have to do is discern if it is the voice of the Lord.


Gods Grace as you walk this out!


Dayne Smith