Wow! What a Statement! God doesn’t hold our sins against us! A thought that boggles the mind of many. Yet the Bible is very clear about this.

Paul wrote in Romans 5:13 “(For until the Law sin was in the World: but sin is not imputed where there is no Law) KJV.

What Law is he talking about? The law given to Moses by God for the children of Israel. This very same law was fulfilled in Christ and the condemnation it bought was done away with when Jesus died on the Cross.

How did this happen? Christ, God’s Lamb; and our substitute, took our sin upon Himself and died in our place (the wages of sin is death), so that we would not have to, but instead receive life through faith in Him. Thus the penalty for sin was paid in full, the requirement of the Law was met. Therefore sin is no longer imputed to us.

Instead, everyone of us who places their faith in Christ is made the righteousness of God – as righteous as God is, in Him (Christ). And now we can boldly, confidently approach God without fear of punishment, or even guilt and sin-consciousness because we have been forgiven and made righteous in Him (II Cor 5:21).

Written by: Francois Jantjies

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