Healing School Services and Outreaches are facilitated and managed by Charis Bible College SA graduates, who have a heart and passion for the Truth, with the aim of restoring health and wholeness to the body of Christ.

Services and outreaches typically cover: Foundational and healing teachings and teaching through God’s Word followed by personal prayer and ministry

Outreaches presented to any group of people anywhere, anytime with prior booking.
Course duration and material of outreaches are customized as required. Download the Brochure here.


For further information contact CBC, Heidelberg (W/C) in SA at 028 722 2701
or e-mail: cbcsahealingoutreach@gmail.com
All invited to the Healing School services presented every Thursday at the CBC campus at 17:30.

A group of second year students go and minister at Riversdale hospital every Thursday. In one of the visits in August, they encountered an amazing miracle.

Elias, who had fallen at work and broken his pelvis, was hurting pretty bad. He said he felt excruciating pain every time he lifted his legs.

We prayed for him twice and he was still in pain. After praying a third time, he lifted his one leg and looked at us in amazement. He said in Afrikaans, “Wat het julle dan nou gemaak?”- meaning “what did you just do?” The pain was gone! Jesus had healed him.

It was awesome to see Jesus, the Healer, in action! God wants us well
Elias was released from hospital at the end of August, 5 months earlier than expected.

~ Jano de Klerk


Have you ever wanted to be involved in practical ministry but had no courage to do it by yourself?

Charis Bible College second year program is aimed to help the students apply and share what they have learnt. Through the second year program you have a chance to participate in a safe environment and with like-minded people. Every Thursday, the second year students participate in a ministry program such as street evangelism, hospital ministry, prison ministry and spiritual guidance ministry at a local school. A foreign mission trip is a prerequisite for second year graduation.

For more information please contact our office at 028-722-2701 or enquiries@charisbiblecollege.org.za

Find out about the Healing Outreach at Charis Bible College. Download the flyer here…

“Hearing Andrew Wommack ministering in Heidelberg in 2009 on Spirit, Soul and Body was the key to my healing. Never before had I heard such teaching and it resonated with my spirit. This was what I had been looking for!

It also sent me on a journey to attend Charis Bible College (CBC) in Heidelberg. I completed my apprentice year at the end of 2013. During my time at CBC I had discovered the truth that God loves me and wants me well.

After struggling for many years with health problems I am learning to walk in healing and ultimately walk in divine health.

There are so many people that are sick and are struggling and have given up hope of ever being healed, and it saddens me because I once knew that empty feeling, that sense of desperation and helplessness.

Now that I know the truth and that it is God’s will for me to be healed, my passion is to teach and disciple people in the truth that God wants them well. This is how Healing School was birthed.

At Healing School we focus on discipleship in healing covering the whole console of the Word, including the believer’s authority. Instead of chasing after healing, we focus on relationship with the Healer.

We have Healing School every Thursday at 17h30 at the CBC campus. From time to time there are various CBC graduates teaching. Anybody is welcome to attend!

Outreaches will be presented to any group of people with prior booking.

God wants you well!


Do you or anyone you know need healing? Come and join us at Healing School as we learn the truth from the Word of God. “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”