We asked second year student Gaylyn Maree.

“I was a full time student last year only planning to do first year but after graduation God gave me a word that I should do second year too. I am so thankful that God told me to, as second year has been so different from first year.

The first year is to give you a good foundation in getting rid of wrong teaching, to know the true nature of God, discovering who you are and what you have in the spirit because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us.

Second year is a totally different aspect of our spiritual growth. Focus is given to our inner man, our soul. The word says in 3 John, “I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers”. Without our soul (mind, will and emotions) prospering we are unable to prosper in all things and be in health.

Although I had completed first year, I had head knowledge. What I had learnt was not affecting my physical realm. I was not sure how to get the life that was in my spirit out. This year with the help of the Holy Spirit, anointed teachings that deal with the soul, God showed me that this area was the problem.

My soul was log-jammed with things I was never meant to carry. As I am allowing God to love me, He is restoring me.

As I look around our class, every one of us has experienced God’s unending love and seen breakthroughs. God wants to restore our souls so that the living water of the Holy Spirit can flow out of us supernaturally and change our lives.

I encourage everyone who is hesitant about second year, Come! Your heavenly Dad wants to heal you completely – spirit, soul and body. Keep your hearts open and ask God for a word. He is faithful. You will never be the same again!”

At Charis Bible College you can study full time or through correspondence (1st year only) . Charis Bible College first year program sets a foundation on the word of God. The second year program builds on that foundation with programs aimed to help the students apply and share what they have learnt.

The second year students do daily devotions with the school children where they teach the Discipleship Evangelism lessons. Every Thursday, the second year students participate in a ministry program such as street evangelism, hospital ministry, prison ministry and spiritual guidance ministry at a local school. A foreign mission trip is a prerequisite for second year graduation.

For more information please contact our office at 028-722-2701 or enquiries@charisbiblecollege.org.za