Oom Abe had been bound by arthritis and back pain, could not do simple house chores, with no hope until three Charis Bible College students; Mary, Gladys and Nozuko; knocked on his door one drizzling Thursday morning.

We shared the good news of God’s grace from the word of God, how Jesus has paid for our sins and sicknesses at the cross and that God wants him well. God is a good Father who never puts sicknesses on us to punish us or to teach us something.

We commanded the pain to leave, and he was instantly healed. He could walk, run and bend with no pain. He was crying tears of joy as we left him to set other captives free.

When we saw him a month later, he was working in his garden and still thanking God for his healing.

Glory to God!


Charis Bible College first year program sets a foundation on the word of God – on who we are in Christ and the true nature of God. The second year builds on that foundation with programs aimed to help the students apply and share what they have learnt.

Every Thursday, the second year students participate in a ministry program such as street evangelism, hospital ministry, prison ministry and spiritual guidance ministry at a local school. A foreign mission trip is a prerequisite for second year graduation.

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Written by Nozuko Nobandla

‘When was the last time you were offended? Today? Yesterday? Last week?

He said to His disciples, “Offenses will certainly come, but woe to the one they come through! Luke 17:1

We have so many opportunities to be offended daily.

We can be offended by family, at work, at the grocery store by the person who does not move the trolley out of the way, by a slow cashier, by other drivers on the road, and so on.

Offenses come to all of us and if we don’t deal with them properly it will be difficult to develop healthy, lasting relationships. Offenses are traps that the devil uses to divide us because he fights against unity. The enemy will do everything to take us out of love and peace. His primary instruments are people. We have to deal with offenses in Christlikeness otherwise a single wounding can cause bitterness and poison our souls.

“Turning the other cheek is presenting yourself not from your wounded side” – Greg Mohr, CBC instructor

When offended satan is luring us into the trap of not walking in love i.e. walking outside of God’s jurisdiction and into satan’s jurisdiction of bitterness, anger, revenge and so on. Satan only comes to steal, kill and destroy. It’s not about how we feel but about choosing to walk in love. We all have opportunity to apply this on a daily basis. No one is exempt.

Satan even tried it with Jesus when He was betrayed. Jesus passed the test.

What about you? Would you pass the test?

This is just a taste on one of the materials offered at the Charis Bible College full time program. Would you like to learn more on the subject?

What a better way to get equipped on this and other subjects than studying at Charis Bible College? In the first year (available in correspondence) second and third year (full time program) you will draw from accumulated decades of experience from Andrew Wommack, and many other instructors on this and other subjects.

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