This program offers on-the-job training, small interaction groups, class instruction, and mission work. It is a time of learning by doing, and a time for the student to gain valuable experience in their respective field of ministry. In the School of Practical Ministry program, students are divided into small interaction groups (IAG) which meet weekly. The small group setting allows each student to take part in the discussion and gain practical experience in ministry.

Instruction in the Word of God continues throughout the second year. Students will study courses such as New Testament Survey, Missions, Lifetime of Ministry, Leadership and many more. The importance of God’s Word in our life is continually stressed as the areas of practical ministry are explored.

We also work in cooperation with local churches and ministries to augment our ‘internship’ program. Students are assigned to a church or ministry, in an area where they feel called. They may choose to work with the youth pastor, part of the praise and worship team, work in the children’s department, etc. Students spend one day per week at their selected ministry.

There is a possibility of a mission trip during the second year program. We feel that mission work is a very valuable part of the student’s training. The students learn how to function as a team often in a foreign culture and in unfamiliar surroundings. They can often learn how to share the gospel and give a sermon through an interpreter. These are life-changing experiences. Even if a person never plans to go on the mission field, it will give them a world vision and an understanding of how to help those who do.