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What is a Wilderness Season?

What is a Wilderness Season? I have heard some believers describe times in their lives as a “wilderness season.” Words that are used to describe this include loneliness, spiritual dryness, lack of hearing from God, lack of spiritual energy, lack of faith, and basically whatever else you want to throw into the bag. It could […]

What if I told you…..

What if I told you…… that if you are born again you have changed kingdoms? that you are just as righteous as Jesus? that your spirit is a new creation? that you are seated with Him in heavenly places? that you are filled with His Spirit? that you are adopted into His family? that His […]

Are you Independent or Dependent?

Are you Independent or Dependent? Most struggle through life because they have knowingly or unknowingly chosen independence from God. Independent thoughts, words and actions lead to confusion and loss. Independence unleashes all of the corruption that is in the world. We were not created to live independently from God. “I am the vine, you are […]

What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?   Every morning we all get out of bed and draw upon strength and energy to make it through the day.  We must choose from where we will draw our strength and energy.  For some, their energy comes from obligation rooted in boredom.  For others, their energy may come from the excitement […]